As a speaker Catherine Ann’s intent is to inspire your desire to partner more fully with your own divinity, thereby  catalyzing a spiritual awakening on deeper level. Catherine Ann’s presentations are purposely designed to suit the needs of individuals, small or large groups as well as communities to achieve a news sense of understanding, connection and clarity.


Joining Catherine Ann’s for an event will assist you to access more of who you are as a multidimensional self through powerful transmissions of energy or “codes of light”. Your experience will speak directly to your heart uplifting you into a spiritual journey of greater light, love, peace and bliss and assist you to uncover and carry forth more of your soul’s desire.


Private sessions with Catherine Ann will help you to move beyond any limiting beliefs, trauma or drama triggers in your life into an expansion of understanding and positive energy. Her sessions facilitate illumination and ease allowing greater light to be experienced in your body, enabling a rise in frequency leading to more freedom and an improved realisation around your life’s choices. 


Catherine Ann is a prolific author best known for her Anna Voice of the Magdelenes work. She has authored and co-authored a number of works on the subject of Spiritual Awakening and the Divine Feminine. Her books, not only share spiritual wisdom but carry “Codes of Light” which are imparted to the reader.


In her blog Catherine Ann shares her continuing spiritual journey helping you to become more connected to your purpose and expand your connection to your soul and spirit. Join her to learn how to live your life and receive guidance on how to clear any drama, trauma or negative states that might be holding you back.


LightRiver Media is Catherine Ann Clemett’s media and publishing arm. Click below to access MP3 Audio downloads, videos as well as works and products of other spiritual Authors published by LightRiver Media.