Have you ever wondered . . .  “Are we human beings having a spiritual experience? Or are we Spiritual beings having a human experience?”

Catherine Ann Clemett would argue that we are spiritual beings. There may come a time in our human experience when we yearn to go beyond the superficial connections between human beings to explore the deeper human capacity to transcend the limitations of its three-dimensional consciousness.

Catherine Ann opens up the pathways for these deeper connections and explores the intriguing realm of the superconscious mind. Using processes that access information beyond our five senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste), and transcending the boundaries of the body and ego, Catherine Ann helps us to examine our inner beliefs, strengths, and weaknesses in an attempt to holistically understand our true selves, the healing we really need, and the potential we each are destined to unfold.

Catherine Ann’s is a gifted and engaging presenter, sharing her passion and insight, moving audiences across the globe with her heartfelt and gentle approach to helping people understand who they are beyond their perceived identity. Not only working on a personal basis with people, she also helps people understand the “larger picture” and their place within that understanding. She teaches internationally and in the process she catalyses awakening, helping us to access our intrinsic spiritual (but not necessarily religious) resources, and discover our authentic purpose. 

As best-selling co-author of Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes, sequel to Claire Heartsong’s publishing sensation Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, she has amassed a worldwide following. Her initial work has been sharing the teachings that Magdalene is a Divine Feminine Order of Consciousness not only just an individual. Many of us (both women and men) in various lifetimes have been initiates in this order known throughout history by many different names. The mission of this Order has always been to raise the frequency and “Seed the Light” throughout the eons so that we would succeed in being the midwives of the shift of consciousness happening currently in our own time. Catherine Ann has authored numerous books on spirituality, awakening, self-empowerment and the Divine Feminine, and continues to write and share her passion.

Catherine Ann also works as  a channel and Intuitive Healer on an individual basis, recognizing each person holistically on a physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual level assisting them in finding their own answers and solutions.