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"Be Unto Yourself and Others a Giant Beacon of Light"

- Magdalene Order channeled through Catherine Ann

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About Catherine Ann

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Catherine Ann started out pursuing a career in dance; choreographing, performing, and teaching a variety of dance forms until an unfortunate car accident ended her ballet and modern dance career in the late 70's. Always interested in mastering the consciousness of the body and the consciousness of the mind; she first began pursuing spiritual and healing endeavors in the early 1970's devouring all the metaphysical and Seth Speaks books that she could find. Even as a teenager she kept feeling that there was more to life than what ones experiences in third-dimensional consciousness. She kept searching for that elusive 'something else'. One day in the mid 60's she marched downstairs and announced to her mother that she had figured it all out. It was all about energy! This understanding of this insight however would take decades to unfold.

In the early 70's Catherine Ann had a boyfriend in training to become an Alexander Technique teacher. In exploring the Alexander Technique her boyfriend had her put her hands on his head in an attempt to understand how to direct some of the Alexander work. However something entirely different took place. She discovered she could 'read' energy and feel energy blocks in the body. She became aware that she could move energy through the body through a 'hands on healing' process freeing the blocks and the energy flow in the body. This was soul memory, something that until that point she didn't even know she possessed. She recognized that she had a healing gift although such things were not talked about much at that time. She started using this 'hands of healing' with clients and eventually went on to train in other healing modalities and bodywork first at the the School of Actualism Lightwork School in New York City, and eventually onto training in the different modalities listed above.

In 1984 while going through struggle in several areas of her life, Catherine Ann had a breakthrough experience in which her entire life shifted in a thirty-six hour period without her doing one external thing. It was only by doing deep internal work that all the doors opened and all kinds of opportunities flooded in. Her life at that time profoundly changed. She writes about this experience in her upcoming book Soul Weaving: How to Unlock the Power of Your Twin Flame and the Treasure of Your Soul. This proved to her that we can, through our own personal inner work with our consciousness, change in ways that directly affect our external world manifestations through tangible experiences. This will be available later in the fall 2011 through LightRiver Media.

Her profound experience in 1984 led to her to later train with with Debbie Ford, best selling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Secret of the Shadow, Asking the Right Questions, and The Best Year of Your Life. After becoming a Certified Integrative Coach through Debbie Ford's coaching training program in 2001, Catherine Ann went on to expand her healing work receiving further training and certifications in hypnotherapy, including training in Past Life Regression with Dolores Cannon, author of a number of books including The Convoluted Universe, Conversations with Nostradamus, and The Guardians. Catherine Ann has also incorporated training in Matrix Energetics and DNA Healing into the healing modalities that she offers clients.

In the spring of 2006 through an incredible series of synchronistic events Catherine Ann was led to move to the Zion National Park area of southern Utah o be in co-creation as a business and spiritual partner with Claire Heartsong, author of Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. She and Claire co-authored the sequel, Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes and later Understanding Twin Flame Union: the Ascension of St. Germain and Portia. Catherine Ann now lectures on the Magdalenes and offers Magdalene Workshops in different locations. Catherine Ann started her own publishing LightRiver Media to handle the sale and distribution of not only the Anna books, but her own books and co-authored books with Angelina Heart and other authors. In all of her endeavors Catherine Ann's focus is devoted to awakening consciousness within self, within each individual, and on a planetary level so that we all can assist each other to manifest our heart's desires and to achieve our deepest soul fulfillment and accomplishments.

Fortunately after many years of healing Catherine Ann was able to return to the world of dance this time getting into ballroom dance, swing, and Argentine Tango. She continues to bring her years of experience teaching dance, movement awareness, exercise, and meditation classes to her current endeavors which are still evolving!