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By Claire Heartsong

By Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett

  Testimonial by Jan Robinson (Berkeley, CA)

“Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes is one of the most amazing books I have ever read!  These books can be read over and over again.  This is history. This is real.  I feel fortunate to have found this book along with Anna, Grandmother of Jesus which is probably the most amazing book I have ever read, and there are many.  For me, they are life changing books. All the things I have wondered about most of my life are revealed.  These people become alive and real with feelings and fears just like all of us.” ~Jeanne C. (Eugene, OR) 2/11/16

“I loved Anna, Grandmother of Jesus - actually, it seems almost trite to say that.  The book moved me in unexpected ways. I found myself in tears on several occasions, not sentimental tears, but coming from a deeper place that I didn't quite understand yet felt both authentic and oddly peaceful.  I would have loved more detail on the initiations, but accept that what came through was probably right for the time.  I am now reading the sequel, and although only a few pages in, I find I have to pace myself because it's raising powerful energies. These books were meant to come to me at this time. I am delighted to have them. A great ‘thank you’ for your service in bringing them through.” ~ Suzy P. (Bembridge, Isle of Wight, UK) 3/23/13

“How special and sometimes 'mindblowing' was the book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus that I read in the summer of 2015. And later that year I read the sequel Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes and Twin Flame Union, the Ascension of St. Germain and Portia. The holy persons that I only knew of from the church religion came to me as human beings. They turned out to be as human as I am. And at the same time high Lightbeings. It was a bit confusing for me... Jesus so near... not on a high above pedestal, but beside me. Reading of all the human feelings and emotions that all the Magdalenes experienced, I thought of myself, dealing with several states of consciousness as well as my higher consciousness of Light and Love and all the human things and emotions. Yes, I had the same experience with religion as you had in your youth which you told us that evening. My own feelings and intuition along with the first book of Neal D. Walsh told me there was another truth that resonated in my heart.” ~ Tineke D. (Netherlands) 5/11/16

“I came to these books in answer to my heart’s knowing that Anna and other women, as well as Joseph, played a more important role in the life of Jesus than we were led to believe from reading scriptures in the Bible and other writings from other lands.  In channeling these family members and disciple messages you brought to life their story of life and times as they lived it.  The trials and difficulties they endured were at times quite horrific. As I read of their journey through life, many times I felt the anguish and urgency of their need to protect both their own lives and the materials they were attempting to scribe on papyrus, some of which have now been found as you know.  This is a difficult testimonial to write due to the fact that – as you mentioned – it is very personal and emotional.  These were indeed the responses I had when reading these beautiful works. You vindicated both Joseph – Anna and Mother Mary – as well as other women being an important part of the life of Jesus.  Indeed the women were especially important then, as now, in helping create balance in life on this beautiful Blue Planet.  I do believe we are making progress due to their efforts in paving the way.  However we must not lose sight of the need to honor the masculine as we take steps to bring the feminine to the forefront alongside them. I am so grateful to yourself and Claire Heartsong for the effort and love you put into bringing these people and their story to light.” ~ Annie B. (Rockwood, Ontario, Canada) 2/11/13

“I cannot put into words how much I fell in love with the Anna, Grandmother of Jesus book.  While reading the book, I connected more deeply with my authentic self with such gratitude for this life now. As soon as I was done, I knew I had to read the sequel. I continue to do the meditations and call forth the energy of the Magdalene's. I am recommending the books to all my dear friends. Thank you for your service on this planet at this time!” ~ Patty P. (Hancock, MI) 1/28/13

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“I just wanted to send you an email expressing my eternal Gratitude to you and Claire for "the Anna books". I was Divinely introduced to them in December, before I even received the 1st one my cells were lit up with life force, remembrance, expansiveness…Thank you for having the courage and bravery to share these truths, to be the voice, the vessel for this to pour though. It activated the Magdalene Codes and through the accession, continues to activate my DNA and Light Codes. I remember who I am, it's like I remember my future and it is surreal beyond words. S and a knowing that many things were about to shift.” ~ Anna B. 2/7/16

“The two Anna books were life changing opening my perspective on who we are and why we are here. I have read these two books several times and still go to them for insight. I feel as if Anna is one of my master teachers and the stories of all the Magdalenes are so full of love and inspiration. I have an insight that these people seeded our planet with love, inspiration, compassion and hope, all the higher frequencies we so desperately need now.” ~ Camilla G. (Barrie, Ontario, Canada) 5/15/14

“I am in tears as I am holding the book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus in my lap. I am feeling so much in resonance with what I am reading. I am feeling this is truth. Finally, everything comes together. .Often I’ve wondered how to link Buddhism with Christianity, Indian Wisdom and Esoteric Knowledge. Thanks to the Anna books, I finally could make the connection. I finally found the missing part of the great puzzle making it a whole picture. I can finally sit back and relax. It all makes so much sense now. I am deeply thankful for getting acquainted with these books.” ~ Corina P. (Gerzensee, Switzerland) 3/24/13

“First of all, THANK YOU for Anna's books. I've had the gift and opportunity of reading both the first and the second book, and it has been a life-changing experience. After reading Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, for second time, I felt that this book should be translated into Spanish so more people can read it and drink in this fountain of love and wisdom.” ~ Xavi P. 2/15/13

“A good part of my life I have been wanting to know who Jesus, or as I always call him - Yeshua was. What was his relationship with the different members of his family?  What were the roles they were all playing together in this very special drama that was put into place a long time ago? Who were the Essenes and what was really their way of thinking, living and being? What was their role in all this? The Essenes and the White Brotherhood have always been very important to me yet there was little information available in my younger years. I felt a great kinship and although I was not brought up in a church setting, I very strongly wanted to know and find out. When I was around 20, living in the Dutch Caribbean, I was loaned a book on Edgar Cayce. Anna was mentioned in it. Who was Anna? This desire to know stayed with me all through the years. I found her at last when I was 67 living in England when I bought Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and right after that, Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes. These are the 2 most precious books I have now. I was there with Anna, as if standing next to her in spirit experiencing everything through her eyes and emotions. I knew it all to be completely real and true. As I am living in the U.K. now, this part of Anna's life is very real to me. I understand it all. The Truth and the Knowledge I had been searching for all these years have been given as a gift to all of us through Claire Heartsong & Catherine Ann Clemett. I am completely grateful both of you took this awesome journey for all of us. Words cannot express how I have felt while reading these 2 books. Thank You! I would urge anyone to put the past into the right perspective by reading these and finding the truth again, a truth only a few have known. The time is right for this to come forward again and for the whole world to know.”~ Carina S. (Hadleigh/Benfleet, Essex, UK) 3/22/13


“I begin the day with Anna and frequently end the day with the Anna books.  Today is typical, i.e. I'm reading about Lazarus where he quotes his sister Martha: "This precious day well lived, is enough."  I'm so moved by the beauty and simplicity of this statement that I will be sending it out to my class and hopefully the world to share.  The Anna books are my constant companions where ever I go because I find joy, wisdom, hope and comfort in every page.  No doubt, I lived among them and knew it almost from the beginning.  They are my anchor and my light house.  I'm writing my second book and have found inspiration from the Anna books in my own writing.  The reason I mention this is that I was working on the title and had written several chapters when I began the Anna books and she talks about the alchemy of inner emotions all the way through and so it was a big WOW, WOW, WOW.  I love all the synchronicity.  I am so uplifted by the power of the messages.  Need I go on?  The layers of the wisdom and love continue to reveal themselves on my second read-throughs.  It's a grand adventure.”~ Charlotte W. (Los Angeles, CA) 12/8/12

“How grateful I am for your books.  Finished Anna, Grandmother of Jesus recently and am now reading the second one.  Excited, thrilled, fulfilled...are not adequate words to describe my experience while reading Anna, Grandmother of Jesus.  I learned about the book from an e-mail from a friend who insisted I HAD to read it and indeed I did!  It is the answer to my prayer from many years ago to know the TRUTH about Jesus since I finally realized the Bible and the churches I went to did not resonate with God being only LOVE. I have been an Initiate for many years in Ramtha's modern version of an "Ancient School of Wisdom."  He shares a lot of information about Yeshua, but it took the "Anna" book to satisfy my soul about his life.  Two aspects of his life that reached me deeply were when he first had his initiations with the Masters in India; that Joseph, his father, ascended there; and that he met and took initiation from one called Babaji.  This Babaji I have also engaged with in this lifetime as he is an Immortal of 10,000 years.  In 1982 when I was with Babaji (Haidakhandi Baba), he mentioned that Jesus had come there during his mission on earth so there is a validation for that story in "Anna." The second and greatest experience for me was knowing that Yeshua and his twin flame, Mary Magdalene, had taken initiations in the Great Pyramid to merge the duality into Oneness again.  When I read how that culminated in the Garden of Gethsemane, I really felt it.  The focus into Oneness is part of the disciplines of an Initiate. I know this.  Tears washed my face with deep gratitude as I realized the truth of what a gigantic act of love this was.  Now the world has reached the cycle where it is actually materializing into that Oneness.  So now we know. Jesus did not “die for our sins." He and his Magdalene Twin Flame, by merging again and taking us with them into the truth of Oneness, lifted us all above duality and illusion of separation from our Creator Source.” ~ Iris M. (WA) 10/24/11

“I fell in love with the Anna... books after I read the first one, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus.  I reverently laid it among my spiritual books that I rarely lend to others.  When I heard that a sequel had been birthed at last, I eagerly ordered it awaited its arrival. Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes was even more fascinating for me. I marveled at the depth of information, the chronological chart of the various events, and the persecution that the members of the Holy Family still went through! I have been enthusiastically telling people about the Anna... books.  The two authors have done a superb job.  It is no easy task to bring in such a level of information.  Readers, this is a 'must-have' for your archives. You will not be disappointed!” ~ Verling P. (Surprise, AZ ) 9/30/11

“Well, after years, so many different questions about religion and the life of Jesus and family members, I believe that finally I have found the answers to all those questions. I first came into contact with the book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus in early 2009. At first I did not know what to feel when I started reading the book but somehow later on as I continued reading it, I felt a deep connection to it. I knew I had to open my heart in order for me to believe it and understand it. The first book took me a few months to read it. When I finished it I was very happy to know that a sequel was underway. I started to talk about this book to people I felt would understand even though I felt it was a very controversial book (and still is somehow here in Mexico). I lent it to those who wanted to know the truth and were open to it. They told me that when the sequel was ready they wanted to know. So in January I got the sequel in the mail. I started to read it and it took only a week to finish it. WOW!!! Like I said before, I am a person that connects to my heart in order to believe something regardless of what it is. Even though I still feel there is more truth, for now I am very happy I came into contact with these two books. I thank you, Catherine Ann and all the light beings out there for this experience. I really believe that this book can be translated in Spanish so people will have an opportunity to read it and judge from it, instead of what is been told to them.” ~ Jorge P. (Mexico) 5/29/11

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your books seeing the truth channeled so beautifully. These two books are so powerful in exposing the truth of who Yeshua is, a human like us. It is time to take him off of a pedestal and realize he has feelings, emotions, fears like we all do. I have worked with God, Yeshua, Divine Mother, Masters, and the angelic forces all of my life and it is so wonderful to see that the truth is finally being exposed after all of these eons of time. It brought me to a remembrance of when I was there with Yeshua and the Magdalanes. We all are one. We need to follow his message to love everyone unconditionally. Thanks to both of you so much for getting the truth and messages out to the world.” ~ Judy N. (Pocatello, ID) 4/16/11 

“During a trip to Egypt I first heard about the Essenes and was fascinated because it felt like something I already knew.  I was recommended a book, on Anna, the grandmother of Jesus which I read and really enjoyed.  However, it turned out that I had bought a different book than was recommended to me. On a later journey to Egypt, I was gifted Anna Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong from someone I had given a healing to. This book came into my hands on the last night of a long trip and I knew there was something special in there for me. I could actually feel this immediately.  At this time, I believe I have re-read the book four times and continue to find bits and pieces of information which are part of my mosaic of life.  It has helped me immensely with guidance as a healer in a way which is difficult to describe.   The book just flows when I read it as if it is a part of me.  It is bringing forward sensations and remembering.  I am awaiting the arrival of the sequel Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes. I am looking forward to seeing what surprises (or remembrances) this will bring to me. I am forever grateful for the awareness and awakening this book has brought to me and strongly recommend it, certain that many will have their own awakening through the words of this beautifully written book.” ~ Cathy R. (Bologna, Italy) 3/20/11

“I have read the 2 books. The first, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, I read some time ago. I went through it a few times. It touched me deeply, lots of re-connection. The other Anna, la Voix des Madeleines I read in French very recently. It's different but it’s very special in the way that the different characters really come alive. I know how regression works from experience and you both did this very well. I really could feel, understand, taste, and sense the different characters. It all lived up to my great expectations.  There were lots of insights as well, some aha's and oh yes, now I understand, and yes... you see so! In the first book I stayed with the feeling that some of the insights were not given away yet and I did not understand why because I felt and knew there was more to say. Now with the second book it was made clear and more understandable. I really could feel how the different people speaking were hesitating to reveal some of the information that was kept silent for so long until now when they were finally able to speak openly.  There are other books that give a good insight but really these 2 books are superb so to say! Thank you both for this gift. Especially when you are looking for the connection in the Essene tradition with Egypt and the East and with the West (as my own culture here in Europe). So I just like to thank you both and your guides for who you are as the spokeswomen for the insights, the joy, and the sharing.” ~ Mieke (France) 3/14/11

I've enjoyed Claire's first book and now the second one. Since 2003, I've been researching and bringing back into the light of our Hearts a fusion of ancient astrological techniques with our current, post-postmodern spirituality. This effort has focused on the cycles of Venus and of Mars and of the two together (3 distinct cycles). As I read your email below, I am guided to invite you into a conversation to discuss the potential in holding a webinar or internet-based interactive experience for your readership on how the distinct phases of the Venus Journey correlate with Magdalenic qualities. Know that the Venus Journey is a breath-taking process to become knowledgeable of, as it deepens our relationship with our Feminine Sister. There is extensive writing about the cycles on my site: http://Soulsign.com. I use each Journey in my clinical practice for psychological counseling as well as channeled sessions for clients. Claire has experience with my sessions. This is a bold gesture to make by email no doubt. But now is the time, and as I've been told, "You are to find those (souls) who are Feminine Nodes so that they may take the templates you've received and share them with their spheres." I personally believe you are one of the "Node" people who can share the re-vitalizing, re-Heartening and nu-empowering benefits of Venus' cycles with others in an effective manner.” ~ Adam G. (Burke, VA  ) 3/2/11

“I first read Anna, Grandmother of Jesus 2 years ago.  As so many, I waited patiently for the next book.  While I loved Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and felt a true connection, I was not prepared for the journey that Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes would take me on. I am amazed by the personal accounts from so many characters that I feel, I know.  I was right there with each of them as they spoke.  The powerful energies that are transmitted moved me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It took me over a month to read and imbibe the feelings through the words…for those with ears to hear!   I will be keeping it nearby for years to come. Thank you for being the conduits for this lovely master work.” ~ Anastasia P.  (Los Angeles, CA) 12/7/10

“I am filled with gratitude for the over-lighting presence of Archangel Gabriel, and for the Blessings offered by Mary Anna, Yeshua, and the three Marys at the beginning of Anna, Voice of the Magdalenes.  As I continue to re-read Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and Anna, Voice of the Magdalenes I am struck by the deepening of the experience each time.  I am particularly struck at the further opening to truths long hidden in Anna, Voice of the Magdalenes and the bits of information that come through about the teaching of the children, the initiations the adults continued to experience, and the extraordinary commitment to living in resonance with truth and love.  The variety of voices in the second book is very touching and opens me more deeply to compassion and to an understanding of their human experience.  Those in the community who were not called to many initiations were deeply loved and honored along with those who were.  The parents who made choices of leaving their children with relatives for years as they followed their calling touched my heart along with the children who were left.  Johannes particularly touches me and calls me to Fortingall this summer.  Thank you so much Claire, Catherine Ann, and C.W. for the gift of these books – they have opened my heart and changed me and I know they will touch hearts and change everyone who reads them.” ~ Mary C. (Alexandria, VA) 11/1/11

“I am just about finished with the second book - having read the first(Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, twice and having recommended it to many. Needless to say, Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes, is sublime. I have studied and practiced the yogic, mystical and esoteric for the better part of my life. I am drawn to those voices, from any path or practice that conveys the essential and impeccable truths of universal Knowledge. What so impresses me about this book is how wide a field of these many paths are woven into the voices - the pearls from Yogic, Buddhist, Judaic and Christian mysticism, as well as from the Earth-based cultures and times that far precede any of the afore mentioned. I do want to say that one of the more important books in recent years has been Jesse Ayani's, Lineage of the Codes of Light and I feel that Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes makes even more certain and clear what the Codes and the keeping and passing on of the Codes was and is about.  I do not doubt that important transmissions are in Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes as is suggested in the forewords. I was particularly struck by the one allusion towards the end that some of the Voices may indeed be speaking to 'themselves' in forms now present at this pivotal time on Earth. Makes total sense! In fact, won't it all be just one voice when we finally all get back home? Thank you, Catherine Ann and Claire for your courage, commitment to task, and diligence for what is a significant revelation at this time in our collective evolution. Many blessings and much gratitude.” ~ Julie H.   (Ojai, CA)

"In meeting and reading other Magdalene-Wayshowers,  I have also discovered how much I personally feel in resonance with your energetic field as well as your unique relationship and expression of "her" consciousness on the planet at this point in these times. I have used the Anna books  as my central reference in my writings. I am also moved by how you and Claire's worlds crossed over for the time required to re-focus and re-direct an incomplete and skewed history, through these books.” ~ Linda B., Ashland, OR 10/24/16

More Anna Books Testimonials

  Testimonial by Natalie Chapron (Los Gatos, CA)

“I have read both books and loved every moment of the incredible journey and profound teachings that trigger a deep awakening within the DNA of the memory of our magnificence and the wonder of who we are. Congratulations on the profound contribution you have made to mankind.  As you know(my work as the founder of Possibilities DNA) has always been about the awakening of the DNA.   I have continued the journey of shifting consciousness  and taking our youth and vitality chromosomes back into a state of youth and longevity. (In Anna's time a select handful of initiates followed the path of physical immortality through the Rites of the Sepulcher.) The Masters told me that we would be given a physical formula that would reset the DNA in the  mitochondria back to youth and eventually the DNA in the nucleus of the cells.  That technology is now here.  (Go to the links page to hear a fascinating exchange about DNA and new technology from Margaret Ruby).” ~ Margaret Ruby (Sand Point, ID) (Founder of Possibilities DNA)

“I have studied metaphysics for 37 of my 75 years on the planet. My studies, along with other like-minded individuals, encompassed 25 years with ascended masters, so I am familiar with much of the information presented in the Anna books. The amount of detail in Claire and Catherine Ann’s work is astonishing. They filled in the gaps that were missing for me. The truth that has been distorted by power hungry priests and potentates since the advent of Christ consciousness, in 3rd dimension, has finally come to the masses. I gobbled down Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and joyfully demolished Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes. I am about to purchase an electronic device, (something I never thought I’d do) because some of Catherine Ann’s own works can so far only be read electronically. Thank you, wonderful ladies of light. Let those with sad, fearful and empty hearts, read and be nourished.” ~ Jane V. (Vancouver, WA) 5/7/13

“I loved Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, so when I learned there was a sequel, I ordered it immediately. I am presently halfway through Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes. The voices speak directly to my heart. So much truth comes through them, and yet it is easy to relate to their humanness.  There are many places that I have to just put the book down and contemplate what I have just read and feel the energy. It saddens me to learn that they were so persecuted for so many years. I am glad that they feel they can now release their vow of silence and share the truth. They were all so strong, noble and serving. It’s very humbling. I highly recommend this book for every truth seeker.” ~ Joan M.   (Ashland, OR)

Both books are wonderful. The first book was a true gift. I felt 'freed' from the constraints of religion and also felt the Divine Feminine in its glorious strength and beauty. The second book was a history lesson of the Divine Feminine and the power of religion. Thank you for sharing this amazing work. I hope more books will be forthcoming!” ~ Carolyn A. (Crestone, CO)

I feel honored to have the opportunity to give my response to both books on Anna. Yes, it is indeed a blessing to read both books (I am presently in the middle of the second book I received today and am totally enthralled by it.) I will write further on the second book later on. For the first book, I feel a deep gratitude to Claire for having brought forward Anna's wisdom. It touches me to the core. I feel her so present as a healing balm in my life. I have been immersed in a Catholic religion upbringing and have soooo much missed the teachings of the Divine Feminine, knowing deep within there was something grandly missing. I now feel my life has solid direction and footing, knowing or remembering that such wisdom is indeed available and true. Thank you from the heart. The work is just starting indeed. Thanks again for the awesome work you do.” ~ Aniana  (Canada)

“I truly enjoyed both books, but especially Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes.  I know I have lived many life times. I have been told that I was a high priestess at the time of King Arthur. I healed him and his father.  I felt like I knew all the places you talked about.  I was also an Essene but do not know which group.  The whole story seem so real to me.  Last November in my dreams, my soul said I have completed what I came to do; now it is time to move on. So whatever the future brings, will be fine with me, at almost 82 yrs. old.  I really love your books and will buy some more to give to my four sons, and their families.  Thanks again for stepping “out of the box” so to speak.” ~ Gerri B. (Winchester, VA)

“I thank you Sssssooooo much for Anna, Grandmother of Jesus that I've read at least ten+ times and is on my night stand. Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes (Wow!!!) It brought up so many feeling & memories of being there. I have to relay what happen while reading. I was in a very intense program in l997-98 in which we were sitting on the floor learning to channel when the instructor said someone is holding back. I was up and in the chair in a leap across the room. I sat there said nothing as Yeshua was looking thought my eyes into the heart of each person and the instructor just smiled knowing who was there...  While resting my eyes for a moment Yeshua came and thanked me for allowing him to come through that day...The feeling was sssooo much love and his confirmation of me being a part of his family. Thank You and Many Blessings.” ~Annette B.  (Austin, TX)

“A friend of mine asked me to close my eyes and receive something into my hands to just feel "it". Within the following minute I experienced what I never felt before, while holding any book in my hands. Waves of energy moving up my face, my eyes fluttering like in a dreaming state, my brain charged with fluid power which then moved down my spine into the body. Wow! What a book! What a healing power! What a gift! But you have to be wide open to it - very wide, otherwise you could be disappointed. This book is pure healing essence. Place a glass of drinking water on it and wait for some time. Then drink and experience the miracle. This is far more than a book. I am very, very grateful.” ~ Reader from Great Britain

“I want to thank you Claire and Catherine Ann for this wonderful book Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes. Reading Mary of Bethany's words of how anguished she was and the jealousy that overtook her and her retreat into silence to overcome this proved to be such a wonderful insight as to how human she really was.   As she recognized her strong desire to be a healer/rescuer, my mind recognized my own "need" to be a teacher and my "spiritual superiority" attitude.  This was so enlightening. I realized that I must overcome this false idea of who I am.   Anna has said that our own lives are the initiations we must go through, that we don't have to go to the pyramids, and how true this is. Thank you again and for the angels who assist you all.” ~ M Robinson   (Spanish Fork, UT)

Thank you so much. The books have arrived in Australia and are making their way to their new homes.  I love Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and am looking forward to the new one when it comes out. Thank you so much for the work you have done. It is so good to have a book like this to be able to share with others. May the Great Mother continue to Hold you in her loving care. "

~ Helen

First, sorry for my English language.... I'm french. I read your book Anna Grandmother of Jesus. It was so wonderful, the best book I’ve read. It was deeply moving. I look forward to reading Anna the Voices of Magdelenes as soon as it is available in France. You have changed my live. Thank you. God bless you.” ~ Fabiah (France)

“You and Anna have created a masterpiece of heart-felt activations. I feel tremendous gratitude for your/her words in Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. The magic continues to grow daily and I am chuckling at the synchronicities between Anna's story and these current times. I keep asking to know the bigger picture so that I can make sense of what is happening in the horizontal reality. Each day I feel more connected to my inner guidance and more in awe of this life. Thank you, thank you is what I feel and hear inside.” ~ Mira El

“Words cannot express the blessings and healing love energy emanating from yours and Anna's wonderful book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. Ditto's on all comments on your website. A dear friend loaned it to me (I'm not a reader, and I could not put it down. I am reading it for the second time.) I took it with me to another dear friend. She drew it to her heart with tears streaming down her face.” ~Annette

“We remember we are the Ancient Ones returned

to create a holy temple in which heaven and

earth can touch, embrace and merge.”

~ From Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes

I have Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and expecting the sequel to arrive any day. I absolutely enjoyed Anna and felt it was more close to the truth than anything else I have read. Also the information is incredible and I have shared it with my small group. We meet once a week to do healing and meditation and share information. I am looking forward to reading the sequel and will also let you know. Thank you Claire and Catherine Ann so much for writing the books and putting it out there. “ ~ Judy E. (North Island, New Zealand)

A few years ago, I read Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, and while doing so, I felt lifted into a space of feeling much more light, love, peace and bliss.  Anna's story and the wisdom she shared resonated with much truth for me and I waited patiently and I admit anxiously to read a continuation of her family's story.  Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes continued to shed more light on the story of her family.  I was enthralled with the information and having an open mind, I am at peace with it.  I am grateful and appreciative of the family members sharing their ancient secrets and wisdom.  I am so very happy they have opened up to tell us exactly how it was for them and that nothing of their deeper truths were withheld from us.  Finally, I feel like I have been given a gift that sincerely resonates as a truthful account of the Holy Family's journey. I wish to thank Claire and Catherine Ann for all of the hard work you have put into bringing this story to light. Sending you Seas of Love and Skies of Light.” ~ Ann E.

“My experience of both books was profound. The first was a soul-opening confirmation event for me and the second one felt like an activation beyond anything I have experienced from print. Thank you so much for this world-altering material.” ~ Trinity T.   (Sacramento, CA)

“It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to read 'Anna', and I have been moved and changed more than I can say. Thank you for all it took to prepare for the channeling of that remarkable and beautiful woman. May we all have her commitment and humanity as well as yours. The woman who loaned the book to me said it would knock my socks off. It did and changed my whole world view. It was as if looking through levels and dimensions which broke and mending the heart. No book ever has meant as much.” ~ Nancy

"I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work with Claire and this marvelous, activating book...At a time when I have been given a great gift and mission form the Divine Mother, I have sought support and was guided (almost urgently) to your book." ~ Kathy M.

“I am so moved by the read (Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus that I have no words but TAUDI, TAVDI, THANK YOU. In gratitude, with many Blessings for your  continued work.” ~ Constance L. (Laguna Nigel, CA) 6/10/13

“We have both read your two channeled books Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes and found that they 'spoke' to us on a deep, soul level. Our sincere thanks to you and Catherine Ann Clemett for your dedication and service in bringing this important message to the world. As spiritual seekers, we both feel inspired, uplifted and deeply moved by their message. This process has led us to explore further and to raise yet more questions.” ~ Carol D. and Richard S. 6/20/16

“The Anna, Grandmother of Jesus book touches my heart like nothing I've ever experienced before. I must honestly say that what little experience I've had in my life with the Christian faith turned me totally off so I've never been excited about reading any books about Jesus. Once I started the book I couldn't put it down. My life will never be the same. During one of our synergy meditations, I saw myself witnessing Jesus' crucifixion (this was before I read the book). I felt devastated. I felt like I ran away and could never bring myself to carry on the work. I wish I'd had the strength of character to carry on. Anyway, I feel like I have the courage now. I used to think I had made some great strides to say that I'm not afraid to die. Now I feel that I'm not afraid to live forever.” ~ Linda G.

“The true story of Jesus channeled by Claire Heartsong is compelling reading clarifying our misunderstanding from the Bible. This is a powerful story told by Anna a high priestess who brings the wisdom of Egypt to the Essene community in Palestine. The story is gripping and is meaningful today as we face terrorism, confusion and rigid fundamentalist ideologies. The energy of the Christ consciousness is explained with many lessons we can benefit from. It does require an open mind as the concepts will be unfamiliar to most people. “~ Amazon Customer  5/18/17