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What others have to say about Blessings from the Heart of the Rose Oracle Deck.

Blessings from the Heart of the Rose Oracle Deck


44 Cards Oracle Deck

with a Guidebook

Price: $24.95  

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By Sheila Murphy

Blessings from the Heart of the Rose Oracle Deck is a set of  44 cards and a guidebook, divination tools to help you enter into the sacred space within yourself. These cards can also help you connect with the mystical  marriage of divine feminine/divine masculine union; the path  of Oneness. Each card is an individual work of art, stunningly beautiful, containing light codes and esoteric symbols beckoning you to enter into the deeper mysteries of creation. The rose, a symbol of the Christic energy of love, assists you to deeply connect with the realm of the heart in concert with the earth kingdoms and the realm of faerie helping you remember you are intricately part of the weave of life.

Card 29 - Return


Go and explore the land.

The Deep Mystery awaits you.

 There is treasure in your heart.  Share it.                                                                 


“Be yourself, Open into Life’s Gifts.

You will attract what you need.

Relax. Everything you need is here.“

~ Blessings from the Heart of the Rose Oracle Deck

“Thank you so much for the beautiful cards you brought through.  They are, as ever, the most magical images which reveal new secrets each time I look at them.  The blessings are so apt and fit beautifully with the corresponding picture.  I was intending to send these to friends but love them so much, I don't want to give them up!  It just means I will be ordering some more from you very soon.  Thank you.” ~ Kristin P. (UK)

“These beautiful cards are golden, Light coded portals. They have taken me on a profound journey of Remembrance and a sense of returning and connection. Gazing into the picture I feel an energy unlike anything from before yet it’s so known to me. It’s of homecoming. Viewing them I receive a transmission, a peace, a knowing and guidance there without struggle. I open myself to allow and receive.......pathways are opened, anything is possible. These cards are coded with a high frequency of love that is so wonderful that this supports and nurtures my whole being. Journeys happen to different times, dimensions, giving gentle reminders of who I am, my purpose/path which are birthed through to the present. Sheila’s Art Cards are powerful divine creative inspirations for the heart and soul brought through to assist and heal human evolution at this time of greater awareness and changes occurring during this age. They will support you where ever you are on your journey, always a constant flow of love, light, color and illumination. You will dream and be able to transcend with grace and ease ever-flowing and held in the love that they generate within yourself. I like to place an individual card either on the wall or somewhere in the room to meditate on it. Revealing more heart opening as I meditate on the card allows me to reside and journey - opening me to my own inner and outer  labyrinth of magic and freedom beyond. These Art Cards are true gifts of the mother. ~ Roxanne S. (UK)

“I have been using Sheila’s Blessings from the Heart of the Rose cards in my Magdalene Workshops. These cards speak to the heart and the flowering of consciousness the participants experience there. At the end of each workshop I have the participants pick a card, then we go around the room and share the card, the blessing, and the insight that each person picked. Every time I use these cards in the workshop, people want to purchase these cards or take the card they drew home with them which was not possible as I only have one set that Sheila Murphy with me for the workshop. People start taking pictures of the cards with their cell phones and write down their blessings since they are so profoundly impacted by their card. I am so grateful that now these Oracle cards have been manufactured and are are available to everyone.” ~ Catherine Ann C. (Asheville, NC

“Each of these cards carries the essence of the Rose, a timeless symbol of the Christic Light, holding within its core the unfolding petals of mystic union with The Divine.

Each of these cards holds:

Published by Catherine Ann’s former company, LightRiver Media.