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Finding Your Inner Jewel, How to Access your Authentic Self

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Finding Your Inner Gem

How to Access Your Authentic Self

Book 2: The Awakening Series

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Finding Your Inner Jewel, How to Access Your Authentic Self

By Catherine Ann Clemett

This book helps you to remember who you are at your core. You are like a diamond in the rough - if you were to look at a diamond before it has been cut and polished, most of the time you wouldn’t even have an inkling that something valuable and precious was in there. This pertains to you as well. This is who you are. You are a valuable and precious gemstone of creation. And so this second book assists you to move through any blocks, resistance or shadow frequencies which are covering or hiding the precious gemstone within you – in essence cutting and polishing your gemstone so you come to know your own brilliance and it can be shared and seen by all.

“Be yourself, Open into Life’s Gifts.

You will attract what you need.

Relax. Everything you need is here.“

~ Blessings from the Heart of the Rose Oracle Deck

Coming This Fall

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Published by LightRiver Media.

Sharing These Books

Please help share the exposure and expansion of these books with others. There may be people you know who are finding things happening in their lives which has initiated an awakening process even though they don’t understand it.

In working with Claire Heartsong (who channels Anna, the mother of the Virgin Mary and Jesus’ grandmother) Anna brought forth the awareness to Catherine Ann that many people, both men and women today, are part of the Magdalene Order although they would never consciously know this. She shared that all of us Magdalenes have been rehearsing on the inner planes for eons for the roles we are stepping into today.

Many people have gifts, talents and pieces of the puzzle to share however they do not remember who they are. Sharing these books will hopefully spark remembrance of something within them. All of us Magdalenes and Light Workers have volunteered to incarnate in these times because we came to assist now with the shift of consciousness and plant the seeds for the new paradigm and the New Earth.

Catherine Ann’s mission is to ‘catalyze awakening’. With all of her books Catherine Ann is hoping to reach out to a much larger mass of people to help them begin to remember who they are and why they are here. It takes more than a village, it takes a planet of people to seed the light, shift the consciousness and emerge into a new frequency, a new reality and the New Earth.

Besides sharing about these books with friends, clients and family, the best thing you can do is leave a review on Amazon for this book. How much exposure and expansion happens on Amazon is dependent on the number of reviews. In doing so you are assisting not only Catherine Ann, but Anna, the Councils of Light and the Holy Family in expanding their work and presence upon the earth as they actively work with each person who is reading these books and in the process of awakening.

Finding Your Inner Jewel