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Catalyze Awakening

By Angelina Heart and Catherine Ann Clemett

Has your search for “The One” eluded you? Do you feel like he or she is out there somewhere just waiting for you...if you could just figure out how to connect? What if every hope you’ve ever had about love is true, but the way you understand love has led you on a road away from it? Would you be willing to switch roads? Well you do have a Divine Complement and you have the right and power to join with them now. You needn’t have a broken heart, feel lonely, or be alone anymore.

Save yourself years of frustration, embarrassment and futility that results from projecting your ego’s false interpretation of love onto another. Learn the truth about natural laws you can EASILY use to heal the broken and attract the genuine, unconditional love you really want. Once you apply these simple laws you’ll QUICKLY prove the truth for yourself. You deserve it!


How to Find the One True Love: Why Breaking the Rules Will Change Your Life will facilitate a quantum leap of understanding that will help you find your true identity and authentic voice, and subsequently, dramatically effect the way relationships and experiences will play out on the screen of your life.! With a simple shift in consciousness from the ego to the heart you can attract true romance, and an enduring feeling of passion and affection in the love relationship you genuinely desire.

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115 Pages

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Finding the One True Love, Why Breaking The Rules Will Change Your Life.

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How to Find the One True Love,

Why Breaking the Rules Will Change Your Life

“Now is the time of the great awakening, the conscious 

remembering of our true  identities and the truth about love.“

~ From Finding the One True Love,

Why Breaking the Rules Will Change Your Life

Winner of the 18th Annual Reader’s Digest

Self-Published Books Honorable Mention Award

Honorable Mention Award

“Finally a book on romance worth reading. Too many times have I wasted my time reading thread types of books where half the book was about hair and makeup. This book gets into the real important stuff, like how your twin flame is a mirror of you and how to fix your true self so the right one can come into your life. This is not about how to dress so a boating superficial one will find you.” ~ Amazon Reader