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"Be Unto Yourself and Others a Giant Beacon of Light"

- Magdalene Order channeled through Catherine Ann

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My World

My focus in life is to tap into who we are as not only creative beings, but as spiritual beings of expanded awareness and possibilities. My passion is to assist others to expand their horizons as well. This exploration for me has been both an inward adventure and an outer expression of creativity in different forms mainly through writing and dance.

My writing includes several co-authored several books, Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes with Claire Heartsong which is the sequel to her first channeled book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus; eBook Understanding Twin Flame Union: the Ascension of St Germain and Portia, again co-authored with Claire Heartsong; and the award winning eBook How to Find the One True Love: Why Breaking the Rules Will Change Your Life co-authored with Twin Flame expert Angelina Heart. I have also assisted legendary author, Virginia Essene, in bringing forth her latest book, What Every Human Must Know to Survive and Thrive on Planet Earth - suggestions from the heavenly realms of what each of us can do to to health, expansion and peace in these times of momentous change that we, everything on our planet, and the planet itself are currently going through.

In addition, several more books are in the works, my own book Soul Weaving: How to Unlock the Power of Your Twin Flame and the Treasure of Your Soul; and How to Become Famous as an Author being co-written with Sue Wilhite who is the events coordinator for East West Books in Mountain View, California. Also I’ve known for a long time that I was to share my stories and adventures which I am  compiling into an autobiography - still untitled as of this point. My intention is to have all of these released in 2011. All books are available through www.lightrivermedia.com

What I Am Up To

Through the years I have combined my passion, experience and training in offering a variety of healing modalities, hypnotherapy, and mentoring tools assisting people in discovering and accessing more of their true self through expanding their awareness. My range of talents and skills assists people in doing deep inner work, discovering and shifting the limiting energetic patterns dictated by emotions, and beliefs; as well as assisting people with finding fulfillment in more fully living their passion and divine mission. relationships in more practical ways. And of course there is always dance - teaching argentine tango. I have a strong belief and commitment to helping others find value, purpose and joy in their lives in whatever form that might take.

Weaving the Light Blog / Internet TV Show

Summer 2011, I am launching my own weekly Internet TV  show called The Catherine Ann Clemett Show - Weaving the Light. This show focus on  interviews with all kinds of people who have stepped into giving from their unique brilliance their gifts and talents that are making a difference in other people’s lives or making a difference to the planet. You can find more information about this through the Internet TV Show link.

Healing / Hypnotherapy Modalities

In addition to my writing, I also assist people who in discovering their divine mission and if appropriate their connection to the Magdalene Order. Using hypnotherapy, past-life regression and many other modalities, we work on clearing the blocks in the way to knowing and experiencing your fullness of being. More information can be found under Healing Modalities