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"Be Unto Yourself and Others a Giant Beacon of Light"

- Magdalene Order channeled through Catherine Ann

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All throughout her life Catherine Ann has had moments of psychic awareness or expanded consciousness and understanding, kind of a 6th sense. These experiences, coupled with an intense desire to understand the deeper levels of reality, are what has propelled her on a metaphysical-spiritual path of understanding for most of her life. Through this journey of experiences, channels, and teachings she has come to know as truth for herself, that there is far more to life beyond our human experience which can be accessed and anchored into our human journey. As part of this journey she started doing automatic writing a number of years ago. Even though information would come through, she was often too self-critical about it feeling that her own consciousness was too 'present' or that maybe she was just making it all up. So what unfolded was a repeated pattern of doing automatic writing for short periods of and then abandoning these attempts.

Eventually it became clear that what was most important was the feeling sense in the messages. It was not so much only the information conveyed in the messages, but the felt presence of a loving and compassionate energy, a source of support and encouragement that could be tuned into. When she started working with Claire Heartsong in 2006 it became clear to her that it was the Magdalene Order communicating with her. This Magdalene Order is not necessarily about Mary Magdalene, although she was part of this order; but it is an order which exists interdimensionally beyond our understanding of time and space dedicated to anchoring and holding the light in the darkest of places. The Magdalene Order was certainly what the Essenes embodied whcih played an integral part in the Christ drama 2000 years ago. I

The Magdalene Order both in the unseen realms and more and more on earth is still present and active today in assisting us to expand our consciousness. Many lightworkers are now becoming aware that many of us who are working to anchor the divine feminine once again in this physical realm are really working within the auspices of 'The Magdalene Order' although many of us have not been aware of this. The Magdalene Order is not about religion, but about accessing the sacredness and divinity in the essence of life itself.  Below is an excerpt of one of these automatic writings.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Magdalene Order:

Magdalene Order: Beloved Lady we are here. We greet you this snowy and pristine night for the snow reflects the beauty, the crystalline beauty that is inherent within and upon your beautiful land. It reminds one of divinity in crystalline form, quiet, over-mantling with beauty, softness, and tranquility for a time. You do have questions tonight we see.

Catherine Ann: First I would like to know how best to introduce the channelings and information about the Magdalene order in my writing?

Magdalene Order: My dear lady the entire book (Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes co-authored by Claire and myself) has been inspired has it not? You can share about being at Claire’s (Claire Heartsong) and being introduced to the idea of Magdalene being an order of consciousness not just an individual. The Magdalene consciousness is a much larger field of consciousness than has been understood on your plane for some time. It is the return of the divine feminine - but oh so much more. It is the return of God made flesh being birthed in the womb of man. This does not mean only physical birth through woman, but the birthing of the Christ/Christess in all people in the collective womb of mankind, of womankind. It is the awakening of consciousness that has its season that we are nigh coming into. As to how it relates to the deeper mysteries of the keys that you are discussing, the Magdalene is a field of consciousness, an aspect of God/Goddess, of all that is, which holds a particular frequency that upholds the sanctity of all life in all realms and all parts and particles of the universe. It is the Magdalene who holds the key to finding divinity in all things. She is the gateway. It is to truly love all expressions of creation, and of form, as a mother loves her newborn child. It is to have that magnitude of love and devotion for all things no matter what they are for. It is recognizing the divinity within, the blueprint for joyful expansion, expression, and living. The Magdalene Order is a consciousness, a field, as well as individuals who can be called upon to hold the space for your dreams, desires, and intentions. We work in between the worlds and the dimensions. We can assist you in multitudes of multidimensional ways. Call upon us and we will be there to assist you.

So go now in peace and slumber. We bid you adieu.

Catherine Ann has chosen to recognize this order of consciousness as the Magdalene Order however many work with and experience this field of conscious which is identified by a number of different names. Catherine Ann has written an article about the Magdalene Order available in March 2011 LightRiver Media Newsletter.

Information referencing the Magdalene Order can also be found in some of the books Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong, Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett, and Understanding Twin Flame Union: The Ascension of St. Germain and Portia by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett.