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Three hour events with author, Catherine Ann Clemett, of Deepening Resonance with the Divine Feminine, receiving energy transmissions and information from Archangel Alariel whom she channels and more information about the Anna books, the Magdalene Order and the shift of consciousness that we are all presently part of Archangel Alariel and the Magdalene Order. Seeding the Light Events open you to the next level of spirituality and expansion. During these three hour events of Deepening Resonance with the Divine Feminine and Masculine, receive energy transmissions, light codes, and channeled information from the Sacred Councils of Light, the Hosts of Heaven and St. Germain. Information will also be shared about the Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes books, the Magdalene Consciousness and the shift we are all presently engaged in.

In this event you’ll…

We look forward to meeting you and expanding our light together! Currently there are no Seeding the Light events scheduled.

Click Workshop, Event and Tour Calendar for information regarding upcoming and past workshops, dates, locations, webinars and teleseminars. Please check back for 2018 events.

Seeding the Light Event Testimonials

“I enjoyed the Seeding the Light evening very much. In that enjoyment it didn't quite register the level of transmission being given. During the next couple of days, or so, it was very evident that there had been shifts and changes energetically. So many thanks.” ~ Carolan G. (Hexaham, Northumberland, England) 6/14/16

“I now have an understanding that the light seeds have always been in me and that the workshop watered the seeds to let them grow. By growing the seeds, I have this beautiful flower that is blooming out to the world saying "this is me". The workshop was a signpost left by my soul/higher self before incarnating in this body to let me know I am on my right path. I have a knowing and understanding of my next step on this journey. Specific to the workshop your comment "sometimes we hold the light for others" was a light bulb moment for me.” ~ Aiden M. (North Ireland) 5/23/16

“The reunion felt as like coming home. Catherine Ann is an absolute loving being, well-articulated channeler and speaker, and warm Magdalene family member. The energy felt like a protective cocoon. During the meditation moments I asked to find out my mission on this planet. Enchantingly the message came straight to me through Catherine Ann. It felt like magic, but I knew deep down inside of me it was being tuned-in with the Divine purpose. So I take this opportunity to I thank you dear Catherine Ann for having the patience to learn and find out about your way in order for the unfolding process of the destinies to continue so everything could be restored to its initial harmony. May you blessed!” ~ Laura T. (Romania) 5/6/16

“I hosted a Seeding the Light event in my home in Bologna, Italy. We were a mixed group of many different nationalities and walks of life. We came together to seed the Magdalene Consciousness. Even before it began, I could perceive the beautiful energy filling up the space in my home. The channeling and the meditations led by Catherine Ann brought us to an extremely high vibrational level and connected our energy with one another as well as other Magdalenes. It is something which can only be experienced. If you feel called to do so, I highly recommend you organize an event to raise your own frequency as well as grounding the Magdalene Light Codes. You will know that something very special has happened and clarity and a lightness of spirit will follow.” ~ Cathy R. (Bologna, Italy) 4/27/16

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Seeding the Light Events

“Saying YES to situations and opportunities often

helps you step over the threshold into new vistas,

directions and ways you can expand yourself..

~ Soulweaving, Return to the Heart of the Mother