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Catalyze Awakening

By Virginia Essene

World renowned metaphysical / spiritual author, Virginia Essene, shares important practical guidance channeled  from the heavenly realms. Deep down do you feel that momentous changes are happening on the planet affecting your life but you can’t pinpoint what they are?

Guidance and suggestions given in this book  can help you move past your problems, fears, and concerns so you can more fully share your divine gifts and get on with the work that you came here to do. In this book, Virginia Essene shares about the acceleration happening on the planet, within your bodies, and within your societies. Due to the urgency in present human consciousness, the spiritual realms are vitally concerned about the critical aspects that humanity has not yet fully attained. What Every Human Must Know to Survive and Thrive on Planet Earth reveals the major concepts essential to all of us making the smoothest and safest transition through the present ‘ascension-of-sorts’ that the planet and all of humanity are undergoing right now.

In this fascinating volume find out …

What Every Human Must Know

To Survive and Thrive on Planet Earth


Price: $15.95  Print Book

Price: $14.95  E- Book

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What others have to say about

What Every Human Must Know to Survive and Thrive Upon Planet Earth

“Good common sense with some subjects and questions I had that were answered definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to prepare for upcoming events or who has questions about our light bodies. ~ Amazon Customer 5/10/13

“Clear, insightful, direct - contributes to moving forward!“ ~ Vivian B. Amazon Customer 9/25/15

“Excellent information for all humanity.“ ~ Barbara S. Amazon Customer 9/25/15

Watch the last interview with Virginia Essene a few years before she passed away in 2015

Click here.

“Take whatever feels right and leave what does not…

always appreciating that you have the indwelling spirit

that guides your life and supports the soulful legacy

that brought you here to our beautiful earth.

~ What Every Human Must Know

to Survive and Thrive on Planet Earth