Catherine regularly schedules US events, International events and online events. Her events include speaking engagements, workshops, Divine Feminine Grid Activations and tours,  as well as dance classes she teaches. If you are keen to bring Catherine Ann to your country or city, for an event please contact her. Sign up to the Awakenings Newsletter to hear about events as soon as they’re scheduled.

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Banff, Canada – Expanding Energy of the Magdalene Grid Activation

Start date: June 17, 2020

End date: June 24, 2020



Opening to the Heart of the Rose – Banff, Alberta, Canada  – Expanding the Magdalene Grid Activation

Come join Catherine Ann Clemett and Finbarr Ross of Sacred Mystical Journeys,  in expanding the Magdalene Grid Activation in this pristine place. The energy of the Banff, Canada Grid Acvitation corresponds to the body part of the eyes unfolding a greater clarity of vision. This clarity of vision is caused by amazing crystalline liquid that’s around you here in the unique frequencies of the silicate in the land, the lake and river beds along with the expansive high vibratory frequency of the rivers and lakes themselves. This is not only a huge healing vortex, but a portal anchoring Archangel Michael’s energy and a portal for healing the planet. Expanding the energy of the Banff Magdalene Grid Activation helps us open the pathway to our coming home to ourselves as cosmic beings of light and helps us expand our vision from that of human to that of our cosmic beingness. This location is a massive ascension catalyst. Come join us. Itinerary details to follow shortly.



Spiritual Journey to India

Start date: March 5, 2020

End date: March 22, 2020


Experience India’s Sacred Temples and Holy Sites on a Spiritual Journey to India Taking You Through the Golden Triangle, Northern India and the Himalayas

Travel Sacred India on a spiritual tour of India’s Golden Triangle, Northern India and the Himalayas that will take you to some of India’s most magnificent temples and holy sites. When you join with the tour guides, Finbarr Ross, Joan Clark, and Catherine Ann Clemett, on this one-of-a-kind  Spiritual Journey to India, magical experiences of awakening often happen while visiting the sacred sites of Delhi, Darjeeling, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ranakpur, Udaipur – the Venice of the East – and much more. You will find yourself on a mystical spiritual adventure encompassing not only the sacred sites, six plane rides, and a rickshaw ride; but you’ll also see a magnificent light show and take a sunrise boat cruise on the sacred Ganges River. You will explore ancient and modern cities, ashrams, temples, fire temples, colorful bazaars, and much more! Varanasi India is one four remaining Magdalene Grid Activations, out of the original Thirteen Magdalene Grid Activations, which was not activated by the physical presence of present-day Magdalenes. This is an opportunity to participate in the anchoring and expanding the energy of this important Divine Feminine Ley Line. Come join us on this remarkable adventure for spiritual insight, upliftment and being of service to the planet.

All accommodations, entry fees to sites, all meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner), tips, ground transportation and domestic flights within India are included. Transportation to India is not included. To find out more about this tour and to register go to: When registering please make sure you list Catherine Ann Clemett as the person who referred you. We look forward to having you join us in India.

Free Book Review Talk

Date: October 20, 2019


Location: Peoria, AZ

Workshops and Talks


THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED.      The Mystery of the Holy Family Beyond Religion

A discussion of the ‘Anna Books’, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong and Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett. Come learn about these remarkable beings; their lives, their purpose and their legacy far beyond what religion teaches. Learn how their lives, past and present are integral to the work we are carrying out this day in the shift of consciousness happening in our time which was seeded by them long ago.

Location: West Valley Center for Conscious Living, 9745 W Peoria Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345

Walk the Magdalene Path of Uncovering and Sharing Your Own Unique Brilliance

Date: August 31, 2019

Time: 10:00 AM- 4:30 PM

Location: Westminster, Colorado

Workshops and Talks

Magdalene Path of Unique Brilliance

Join author Catherine Ann Clemett for this interactive event deepening your resonance with the Divine Feminine. Attending this event will help you discover your unique brilliance, your purpose for being here and a greater understanding of your role as a Magdalene, an Emissary of Light and Being of Planetary Service, serving as a ‘”midwife” of the Shift of Consciousness we are currently undergoing. Both Women and Men are Welcomed.

 Date/Time:  Saturday, August 31st, 2019   10 AM—4:30 PM

Location:  8120 Sheridan Boulevard, Westminster, CO 80003

Fee: $80 cash payable at the door. Space is limited.

RSVP: Susanah at: if you plan to come.

In this event you’ll…

  • Discover your own unique brilliance, the innate divine gift you came to share with the world
  • Release obstacles in your soul and cellular memory holding you back from expressing this gift
  • Understand how your unique brilliance helps you reclaim the balance of the Divine Feminine
  • Understand more about the Magdalene Order of Consciousness and how it relates to now
  • Awaken to how you may be a present-day member of this Divine Feminine Order
  • Learn how to embrace the new energy and the shift of consciousness currently happening
  • Receive Light Codes, activations, and channeling from the Magdalenes and the Hosts of Heaven

Join us as we amplify our Divine Feminine power , unique brilliance and expansion of light together!






Heart Opening Processes

Date: August 29, 2019

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Location: Denver, Colorado

Workshops and Talks

Join Together with Other Magdalenes in Heart Opening Processes

Location: 2055 S Oneida St, Conference Room, 1st floor, Denver, CO 80224

Fee: $40 (cash payable at the door)

RSVP: Contact JoAnne Palladino /

Join author Catherine Ann Clemett as she shares and facilitates different Divine Feminine Heart Opening Practices  developed through her work with the Magdalenes. These practices help you to anchor and expand your light as you release shadow aspects of yourself with grace and ease. Both women and men are welcomed.


About Workshops...

“This was truly an amazing experience.  If you are on the path of spiritual awakening and want to take your awakening to the next level, I would definitely attend her workshops.  Catherine Ann is such an impressive resource who selflessly guides each attendee along their unique path to enlightenment.”

Jean K. (Maui, HI)


“I can’t thank you enough for journeying all the way to Western Australia. That was the best workshop I ever attended. I truly loved the venue and all the attendees were just perfect to enhance the beautiful energy which you brought forth in that unified womb of creation which is how I experienced my time with you.”

Janaka R. (Yalingup, Western Australia)


“Thank you for facilitating my return home to the Magdalenes! What a heartfelt joy to come back. I have not attended a good old fashion wonderful workshop like this for a longtime.”

Celeste S. (Bronx, NY)


“It was the most beautiful two-day workshop I have ever been to and I’ve been to a lot! It is hard to explain the alchemy that took place. It’s now a month after the experience and while I still cannot explain it in words, I DO feel changed on a fundamental level.”

Denise R. (Awanui New Zealand/Aotearoa)



About Magdalene Grid Activations/Tours...


“I am so happy I followed my heart and on the Magdalene Grid Activation to Scotland. It was truly an amazing and life changing experience. I loved the blend of meditations, activations and visits to historical places. Catherine Ann has the talent to make you feel really comfortable during meditations which resulted in my case in a deep and profound release of emotional baggage. I would highly recommend anyone who feels the pull of joining a grid activation or tour with her to follow their hearts.”

Sandra Langeveld, Netherlands 


“I feel very humbled to have been a part of the Melbourne Grid Activation. It was part of my soul purpose in this lifetime, to have attended and become connected with the Magdalene Order once again. Though visions and knowing, my galactic purpose is coming to the forefront once again though the “Magdalene’s”.

Eric (Geelong Victoria, Australia)



Manuel Espinoza Shares His Experience With Being On One of Catherine Ann’s Tours

Video Journal of the Ephesus Turkey Magdalene Grid Activation

Click here (link coming soon) to gain access to the Ephesus Turkey Magdalene Grid Activation Video Journal.

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