Releasing the 'Old Energy'

As most of you are aware, we are in a “new energy” and the beginning of a new paradigm. Our beings are asking us to shift and release the old energy, yet this old paradigm and energy is all we’ve ever known until now. I asked my guides for assistance with this. Here is their reply:

“Beloved precious ones of our heart, we desire you not to fret so, as it pains us as much as it pains you, for there is not separation between us. All is in order. All is right. All is as it should, would and could be. Hear us on this.

Everything is fine in both the infinite and the finite worlds. Your distress is only all of the layers of habit, of belief, of illusion laid down like thick layers of paint and wallpaper in old homes which are being cleared out until you get down to the studs. Metaphorically you are getting down to the studs so a new you, an entirely new being, can be resurrected.

It is not in our interest to let you fail, flail and falter although it may seem to you that that is what is happening in moments. You are in the process of releasing this old energy in small increments. You humans want to do it all at once, to have it over with. We will not let you choke. You only need to address what is happening right now, in each moment. And the next moment and the next and so on. Soon it will be fully cleared out. Be aware that support, magic, abundance, and mirth are at hand. They are waiting for you to play with them. This can happen once your cares and concerns are released.

Do a little recoup, rejoice, do a little jig, realign and go onto the next. It is not a race. It is a winning that is already won before even the thought of the race has begun. Surrender into the win because it existed before the effort of the race was even conceived of.

Settle into the win of it. Surrender to the winning. Bask in the win of it. The journey has already been won, you have already succeeded. You have already been victorious for all parts of the race are you. For the loser part of you agrees to ‘lose’ so the winner part of you can extend, expand and conquer its perceived limitations. We want you to know you are already successful. You are already abundant in understanding, in love, in cash, in friends, in opportunities, in material things you desire, and most of all, in love of self. You have asked for it.

Now be in receivership of it. Do not take it back, out of our hands and try to control it yourself as you are tempted to do. This is also part of letting go of the old energy now ready to be released. Ask for our help.